My Research Profiles on GS and RS
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In Press
Liu, M., & De Cat, C. (2023). Open science in applied linguistics: A preliminary survey. In L. Plonsky (Ed.), Open science in applied linguistics. John Benjamins Publishing Company.
Liu, M. (2024). Mapping the landscape of research on the L2 motivational self system theory (2005–2021): A bibliometric and text network analysis. System, 120, 103180.
Henry, A., & Liu, M. (2023). Can L2 motivation be modelled as a self-system? A critical assessment. System, 119, 103158.
Liu, M. (2023). Whose open science are we talking about? From open science in psychology to open science in applied linguistics. Language Teaching, 56(4), 443-450.
Liu, M., Chong, S. W., Marsden, E., McManus, K., Morgan-Short, K., Al-Hoorie, A. H., Plonsky, L., Bolibaugh, C., Hiver, P., Winke, P., Huensch, A., & Hui, B. (2023). Open scholarship in applied linguistics: What, why, and how. Language Teaching, 56(3), 432–437.
Liu, M. (2022). Exploring the motivation-engagement link: The moderating role of positive emotion. Journal for the Psychology of Language Learning.
Liu, M., & Oga-Baldwin, W. L. Q. (2022). Motivational profiles of learners of multiple foreign languages: A self-determination theory perspective. System, 106, 102762.
Liu, M. (2022). The emotional basis of the ideal multilingual self: The case of simultaneous language learners in China. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 1–18.
Azevedo, F., Liu, M., Pennington, C. R., Pownall, M., Evans, T. R., Parsons, S., Elsherif, M. M., Micheli, L., Westwood, S. J., & Framework for Open, Reproducible Research Training (FORRT). (2022). Towards a culture of open scholarship: The role of pedagogical communities. BMC Research Notes, 15(1), 1-5.
Liu, M. (2021). Towards a more equitable future: CERJ efforts to advance equity in a post-pandemic era. Cambridge Educational Research e-Journal, 8, 1–6.
Li, C., Wang, Y., Liu, M., Sun, C., & Yang, Y. (2020). Shyness and subjective well-being in Chinese adolescents: Self-efficacy beliefs as mediators. Journal of Child and Family Studies.
Liu, M. (2019). The nexus of language and culture: A review of literature on intercultural communicative competence in foreign language education. Cambridge Educational Research e-Journal, 6 (1), 50-65.
Invited Talks
Liu, M. (Dec, 2023). Open science demystified: A primer from historical roots to future horizons. Next Generation Literacies Workshop at Hamburg University.
Liu, M. (Dec, 2023). Open science in applied linguistics: From myths to inclusive visions. Invited talk at BAAL TEASIG spotlight webinar.
Marsden, E., Bolibough, C., Liu, M. (Aug, 2023). Open scholarship in applied linguistics: Past, present and future. Plenary panel at BAAL2023.
Video preview
Liu, M. (July, 2023). Whose open science are we talking about? From open science in psychology to open science in applied linguistics. 2023 BFSU SEIS Summer Camp.
Liu, M. (Aug, 2022). Open science in psychology and beyond. Cambridge Access to Mental Health and Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge
Liu, M. (Feb, 2022). Making the most of academic conferences. Researcher Development Workshop series, BAAL.
Liu, M. (June, 2021). Rethinking writing from the peer review perspective. Invited talk at Academic Writing and Publishing for International Doctoral Students Seminar, UCL ChangeMakers and Centre for Higher Education Studies.
Liu, M.. (Feb, 2021). Are motivational profiles language-specific? Latent profiles of motivation across languages. Invited talk at the SDT & Language Learning Winter Symposium, Centre for Self-determination Theory.
Conference Presentations
Liu, M., Ali H. Al-Hoorie, Phil Hiver, & Kyle Tabot. (March, 2023). Open qualitative research: where we are now and where do we go from here. AAAL 2023 Conference.
Video preview
Liu, M., Kalandadze, T. (Jun, 2022). Mapping the landscape of the open scholarship literature. Hackathon (lead) at SIPS2022 (Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science 2022 Conference).
Liu, M. (Jun, 2022). Motivational profiles of learners of multiple foreign languages. Featured symposium led by Prof Kim Noels at PLL4 (4th Psychology of Language Learning Conference).
Liu, M. (Sep, 2021). Open science in applied linguistics: A preliminary survey . Lightning talk at Metascience2021.
Liu, M. (Aug, 2021). Learners’ future self-guides: A multilingual motivational self system perspective. Standard presentation, AILA World Congress 2021.
Liu, M. (Jul, 2019). Exploring the connections between emotions and motivation. Paper presentation at Cambridge China Education Forum, Faulty of Education, University of Cambridge.
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