Meng Liu is a PhD graduate from the Second Language Education Group, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge.
Meng's substantive research interest lies in the psychology of language learning, concerning topics such as motivation, self-concept, multilingualism and interculturality. She is also passionate about research methodology, with a particular interest in quantitative and mixed methods research, research synthesis and metascience. Besides her PhD, Meng is working towards a master’s degree in Social Science Data Analysis.
Meng led several initiatives to promote open and transparent research while working as the chief editor at the graduate-led Cambridge Educational Research e-Journal (2020-2021). She is an Associate and was a Methods Fellow (2021-2022) at Cambridge Digital Humanities, a Cambridge University Data Champion (2020-2022), vice-chair of the Motivation SIG at IAPLL and co-convenor of Open Applied Linguistics (AILA ReN). She is also the recipient of Honourable Mention for 2022 Faculty of Education Doctoral Student Excellence Award at the University of Cambridge.

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